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Wage Garnishment Relief for Pittsburgh Taxpayers

wage garnishment attorney Pittsburgh

Stop wage garnishment before wage garnishment stops you!  If the IRS is preparing to garnish your wages , you need Pittsburgh Tax Help. We have helped hundreds of others and we’ve successfully stopped wage garnishments, but you need to act fast.  You should know that the IRS has much broader powers than a private creditor, and they will use those powers in devastating ways if you ignore your back tax problem too long. One of the strongest tools they have is the power to garnish your wages, and unlike a private creditor, the IRS can garnish your wages even without a judicial determination that owe them money.

What you SHOULD NOT Do if You Receive a Notice of Intent to Garnish Your Wages

When the IRS decides to levy on your wages (garnish your wages), they send a letter to your employer ordering them to take money from your paycheck and pay it over to the IRS to be applied to your back tax debt. Your employer is legally obligated to comply with the IRS’ demand. The IRS has the power to take a lot of your income. Could you pay your bills if they did that? Most people couldn’t. Remember, the IRS doesn’t want to garnish your wages. They just want to be paid what they are owed. And, you’ll ultimately pay less if you work out an agreement in advance, so to be clear, what you shouldn’t do is pretend you never received the notice and ignore it. This is a serious matter that requires a tax help attorney such as the attorneys at Pittsburgh Pure Tax Help.

What the IRS Must Do Before They Garnish Your Wages

Before they garnish your wages, the IRS is required by law to issue a specific collection letter containing a demand for you to pay your tax bill, and you must have failed to respond. Next, the IRS will send you a final notice of intent to garnish your wages and you will have only 30 days potentially to stop it.

How to get a Wage Garnishment Release

  1. Contact our wage garnishment lawyers
    Unless you have a family member who is a tax attorney with experience in negotiating back tax resolutions with the IRS, you need to contact a Pittsburgh tax help attorney. Your window of opportunity to stop the tax levy is only 30 days so there’s no time to waste.
  2. Persuade the IRS you have a viable plan to settle your debt
    This is where a professional IRS tax resolution expert earns his or her money. Our tax attorneys and accountants are seasoned professionals who have invested years in learning the rules and how to obtain relief for our clients. You only get one chance to persuade the IRS not to garnish your wages. Working with a professional tax attorney shows the IRS that you’re serious about resolving your back tax problems so they stop wage garnishment.

Wage garnishment can be stopped, if addressed professionally and promptly! The wage garnishment attorneys at Pittsburgh Pure Tax will listen to your needs, and can stop your wage garnishment within 24 hours. Call today for a free consultation: (412) 927-1055



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